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Instant Play Video Poker For Real Money

Instant No Deposit

Online video poker has become quite popular since it hit the market back in the year 1994. It's amongst the games that offer the highest odds in gambling and provides a chance to influence your game's outcome. Some players get confused by this particular game especially that it sounds like regular poker and looks like slots.

Video poker and normal poker have two major traits in common; they're based on 5-card hands and both games include straight flush, royal flush, four of a kind and full house. Also, you'll come across several online variants of this game with more hands. These games are offered on instant play casinos and require skill as well as strategy.

Instant Play Video Poker

Sometimes referred to as no download, players are able to enjoy different variations in flash forms. All that's required is to set up an account at a reputable online no deposit casino. The process is pretty easy and takes less than 5 minutes since no download software is needed.

When your account is set up, you could choose to play for free or for real money. However, always ensure that you understand the game by practicing first. You can take advantage of various no deposit bonus offers such as free cash and free play bonuses to try out different strategies or approaches. You'll find these promos at almost every online betting house at which you sign up.

Additionally, instant play formats make use of Java technology to deliver high-quality graphics and sound to give you holistic gaming experience. It's also important to mention that you need to have a stable internet connection when using this particular casino version. The main drawback of instant play is that slow connections affect your gameplay because it fully relies on the internet.

The Variants to Enjoy instant  play

There are numerous variants that players can enjoy on instant play casino for free or for real money including;

  • Jacks and Better: This happens to be the most common, which is also the basis for most other variations. Its payouts start at a pair of jacks or higher hence the name.
  • Instant play Joker Poker: Also referred to as 'Jokers Wild' it's similar to Jacks and Better but is played with a standard 52 card deck plus a joker( a total of 53 cards).
  • Deuces Wild:This is also a popular variation, with bigger hands, but the highest paying hand is still a royal flush.
  • All American Video Poker:This one has an abnormally high straight flush payout. Actually, it's able to pay such high amounts by providing lower payouts for a 2 pair or full house.
  • Pick'em Poker:The variation is very easy to play and has a great payout structure, with almost 100% expected return just as long as you employ the right strategy. Here, you only need to make two decisions instead of choosing which cards of the 5 to hold.
  • No Download Bonus Poker:Bonus poker is just Jacks and Better but with a bonus payout for a 4 of a kind. You'll find multiple variations of this game, each with varying payout criteria based on ranks of the cards.

Instant Play Real Money Video Poker Tips

instant  play

Besides utilizing different no deposit bonus offers, there are several strategies that go a long way towards helping you increase the winning odds including:

  • Master the rules - This is the only way you can fully understand the difference between the variations.
  • Study different strategies - Look at the specific tables and guides on various platforms to determine the approach that suits a certain game best.
  • Play maximum bets - You ought to place maximum bets to increase your potential winnings while managing your bankroll appropriately.